Institute of Architectural Algorithms & Applications 建筑运算与应用研究所 School of Architecture, Southeast University, Nanjing

Youth Apartments – Vertical Community
Youth Apartments – Vertical Community

Computational design of Residential Architecture – Youth Apartments & Vertical Community School of Architecture, Southeast University, 2021 Design Tools: Processing 2 + Gurobi 9.1 Economic & efficient without losing quality and elegance is the pursuit of young citizens for their living environment. This design studio explores new solutions to the current residential problems in the […]

Beyond the Grid (Chinese & English Version)
Beyond the Grid (Chinese & English Version)

When I assumed the professorship for CAAD at the ETH in Zurich in September  2000, computer aided architectural design was mainly a matter of building models in a computer. Two directions were then prevalent: Under the title of  ‘virtual reality’—in simple terms, applied computer graphics—the surface features of  architecture were reproduced in the computer, while […]

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