Institute of Architectural Algorithms & Applications 建筑运算与应用研究所 School of Architecture, Southeast University, Nanjing

Generative Residence 2015

Computational approach to residential architecture in Institute of Architectural Algorithms & Applications (former CAAD Lab) were initiated in the early 1980s. Thirty years after the first attempt, the workshop led by Prof. L. Biao and H. Hao revisited this topic with cutting-edge advantages in algorithms, optimization, and computational geometry.

The design is conducted on the two levels: site planning and house/apartment design, which constantly inform each other. Classical methods such as multi-agent systems and evolutionary algorithms are studied and adapted to fit bespoke design logics. On the one hand, the students investigated a vast range of computational/mathematical models through programming; on the other hand, they formulated their design concepts as formal logics which they tried their best to implement with codes. Our computational approach does not implement certain established routines, rather it brings new insights into the problems and eventually leads to novel design process.

The twelve students (4th grade undergraduate) worked in six teams. Hang & Wang focused on L-system for villa design. Hao $ Xu developed a novel self-organizing model for site partition. Xia & Bai created a packing algorithm for high-rise residence. Tang & Shen designed an agent with ‘Y’ shape that interacts with each other to form courtyards and public spaces. Zhang & Wang developed a self-organizing model of vernacular housing. Yu & Chen employed spring model and adaptive Voronio tessellation to subdivide site, create road networks, and generate house floor plans.

Tutor:  李飚(Li Biao)华好(Hao Hua)

Assistant: 郭梓峰(Guo Zifeng), 季云竹 (Ji Yunzhu)


王宗冠 & 黄俊瑜


郝子宏 & 徐静怡




夏晓瑜 & 白宇坤

tu copy

tu copy 2


唐浩铭 & 沈略



张祺 & 王忆伊




俞敏浩 &  陈孜



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