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Taihu Stone Imagination


Taihu Stone Imagination

The installation is built on the side of Taihu Lake at Yixing. The team developed a computer program to simulate the complex geometry of Taihu stones, which has been widely recognized as an essential symbol of Chinese traditional aesthetics. This design combines the Gyroid minimal surface and the meatball algorithm to create a complex geometry full of irregular holes similar to that of natural Taihu stones. Modifying the positions and the radiuses of the metaballs in the program will immediately lead to new results.


The installation is realized by layering steel panels. All the steel components are cut by laser cutter. The geometry of each layer, the subdivision of components and the shape of connections are all generated by the computer program. The dimension of the installation is 7.5m×2.8m×3.2 m. It consists of 177 steel components and 1060 bolts. The head run of the laser cutter is 802m. Laser cutting takes three days, while the in situ assembly takes two days.



“印象太湖石”位于宜兴太湖绿道,用运算化设计的方法抽象地再现了太湖石“瘦、透、漏、皱”的特征。 印象太湖石基于Gyroid极小曲面,以元球(Metaball)为辅助塑形手段,生成充满孔洞、造型奇特的太湖石形象。在程序中调整元球的数量、位置及半径,便可实现造型的实时修改。



Dragon Boat Memory

The “Dragon Boat Memory” installation creates a unique landscape on the side of Taihu Lake at Yixing. The shape of the installation is modeled by a NURBS (Non-uniform rational basis spline) surface whose control points are located on the site. The team developed a Java program to create the geometry of the installation and produce all the data for digital fabrication. The installation consists of a structural framework and punched panels attached to the framework. The framework comprises of horizontal and vertical beams which are interlocked by each other. The beams are made of galvanized steel (5mm thick). The punched panels on the installation’s surface create an abstract image of a local traditional painting. These panels also enclose an amusing passage for the visitors. The planes are made of 1.5mm aluminum panels. Both the framework components and the punched panels are produced by a laser cutter.



设计者:张佳石, 指导:李飚,唐芃

“龙舟记忆”在原有景观道路上创造出太湖泛舟的形象,整体造型与周围的花海融为一体。项目根据场地的现状,在基地上设定控制点后由NURBS(Non-uniform rational basis spline)曲面生成整体形态。从形态设计到所有构件的数控加工,都由团队编写的Java程序来完成。构筑物由主体框架和穿孔板组成。主体框架由金属切片双向插接互锁而成,材料为5mm碳钢板,表面镀锌喷漆。附在主体框架上的穿孔板通过点阵拟合,将水墨画图像映射至三维曲面,既有防护作用,又能展现太湖及江南水乡的意境。穿孔板采用了1.5mm的铝板。主体框架和穿孔板都由激光切割机加工而成。


Sparse Shadow

“Sparse Shadow” is located on the Greenway of Taihu Lake at Yixing. The pedestrians will observe the distinct aspects of the artwork when walking around the site. Several images are transformed and combined into the 3D volume of the installation. “Sparse Shadow” consists of 17 columns and 498 metal pieces that deliver a dynamical visual effect. The computer program first transforms the original images into bitmap-like layouts; then several layouts are superposed within the installation’s volume and the visual quality is optimized; finally, the computer program creates the data for laser cutting to complete a digital chain from design to production.




“空影阑珊”景观小品位于宜兴太湖绿道。该设计结合了人在场地内的行走路线,让行人在运动过程中感受到“空影阑珊”呈现出来的多种视觉效果。作品主要由竖杆和挂片构成。竖杆的位置呈放射状空间排布,充分考虑了人眼的透视原理。竖杆上挂片的形状是由多个图像在空间中重叠而成。计算机程序首先运用Blob Detection算法分别处理多个图片,然后将多个平面图样转换到同一个三维空间中,再用像素化的方式对挂片进行开洞处理,使视觉效果更为精确和生动。

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