Institute of Architectural Algorithms & Applications 建筑运算与应用研究所 School of Architecture, Southeast University, Nanjing

Surface Wall – 南京理工大学校庆雕塑墙
Surface Wall – 南京理工大学校庆雕塑墙

This surface wall was built for the 60th Anniversary of Nanjing University of Science and Technology in July 2013. It was designed completed in computer using Java. The principle of generating this wall is the superposition of waves. Multiple waves effect a surface which is made up by point array at the same time, then the superposition will get […]

Case-based Design with SketchUp models
Case-based Design with SketchUp models

The research takes three-dimensional mesh models of architecture as the sources of cases. The computer program is supposed to produce new designs out of cases in the form of 3d mesh models. Most case-based design (CBD) researches on architecture focused on the 2d drawings of architecture. However, 3d models catch more information of buildings than […]

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