Institute of Architectural Algorithms & Applications 建筑运算与应用研究所 School of Architecture, Southeast University, Nanjing

Tree House

Tree House in Lian Huadang


Location: Dingshu town, Yixing city

Floor area: 104.64 square meters

The Voronoi diagram is used in the skin design of this project to simulate the shape of branch growth. On the one hand, the position of each point in the point set of Voronoi diagram in the field will affect its movement mode and the size of the holes in the corresponding position, so that the skin presents the appearance of density. On the other hand, Dijkstra algorithm is used in the design to calculate multiple shortest paths with distinct primary and secondary orders, corresponding to the “trunk” and “secondary trunk” in branch growth. Finally, a complex digital skin is generated under the control of multiple parameters.
This project is responsible by the architect from the design to the construction, including the detail structure design and component processing, it is a convictive presentation of the digital idea from the design through to the construction.






设计团队:东南大学建筑设计研究院有限公司 建筑运算与应用联合教授工作室,李飚,唐芃,张佳石,李昊


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